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About us

 It is obvious that modern day technology has eased the life of today’s man. However, it also has a negative impact on different aspects of health. The reasons for such problems are multiple, to mention some of them are pollution, lack of physical & mental activity which leads to respiratory diseases, obesity, stress, social isolation and many more.

Now, there are numerous ways to keep oneself physically active and strong. However, Yoga deals with other aspects of health simultaneously like psychological and spiritual. The advantage with Yoga is anyone can do it, men, women, children’s, young or old, healthy or diseased, unlike many fitness regime, where you need heavy machineries or accessories which aren’t suitable for everyone. Therefore, practicing Yoga has become a necessity nowadays to keep yourself healthy and rejuvenated.

Thus, aforesaid circumstances inspired us to prevent the society from the dangerous impact of modernization and to keep all of your complications at bay.

● Ankit, originated from Sanskrit, means distinguished. And also the name of the co founder.

● The word Yoga is derived from Sanskrit root ‘Yuj’ means ‘Union’. The Ankit Yoga logo represents that union of man and the superior power.

● The white colour of logo depicts The transcendental state of Bliss (Hindi word), where there is no thought and no desire’s left.

● The very Black background is a representation of forgiveness and absolution from past or present mistakes.

● The yellow (Prithvi) and orange (Creativity) colour figures exhibit Human Life, their physical presence in the universe and how deeply they are rooted.

● The seven coloured dots in human figure refers to the pathways of our seven concentrated energy centers in Human body known as Chakras.

Why Yoga ?

❥ To enable people across globe to lead a healthy way of life through Yogic tradition.

❥ To bring quality and standard in practice of Yoga.

❥ To promote Yoga Education in society.

❥ To promote Yoga as a career skill.

❥ To collaborate with National and International organizations for promotion of Yoga.

Our Classes

Yoga for Wellness

Yoga is for everybody. Regardless of shape, gender, age, or ability! This class is based in a warm and welcoming environment that focuses on the basic wellness principles and safe & accessible Yoga practices to meet each individual need. To promote yoga for disease prevention and health promotion as an approach to holistic health or  for healthy living. Students are guided to move in and out of poses with ease, adapting poses to fit the body, listening intently to what the body needs. (Suitable for all age groups)

Goddess Flow

Goddess flow, a practice especially designed for women. This practice, is a space to empower the energy within through a mindful flow. From fertility to breast cancer to positive body image, yoga benefits women’s health. Through this course we    would want you all Goddess’s to experience Yoga and it’s proven physical, mental and emotional well being. (Only for Women)

Hatha yoga

 Hatha Yoga, literally means ‘union through discipline of energy force’ is one of the most ancient form of Yoga. Hatha Yoga uses postures in combination with conscious breathing and mental focus to develop strength and flexibility, through proper alignment and mindful actions of the body. Hatha yoga cultivates awareness, balance, and a sense of relaxation. (Suitable for all age groups, except people with chronic disease)

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga or Therapeutic Yoga, these classes are designed for those who want and need to fill themselves back up. These therapeutic practices are for individuals suffering from certain diseases or disorder such as Arthritis  Diabetes, etc. Come and enjoy this restful yoga practice to help bring balance and peace back into your life again. (Only for people suffering from some disorder or disease)

Prana & Pranayama

Pranayama is conscious breath work to explore the power within. With our hectic and modern lifestyle, Pranayama is more important than ever. The objective of this class is to impart the basic, classical and scientific knowledge about Pranayama and practices leading to breath work. To help us learn to calm our minds, refocus and transform negative energies to promote positive health and spiritual evolution of individuals and to make aware of the utility of Pranayama in disease prevention. (Suitable for all age groups)

Yoga for Stress Management

These classes combine gentle movement, restorative yoga postures, yogic breathing techniques and deep relaxation to create more ease in the body and mind. These slower practices and techniques have been proven to lower blood pressure, improve sleep, re-educate the Nervous System and reduce symptoms of Stress in the body and mind. (Suitable for all age groups)

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